Why choose Driving with Paul?

I always aim to offer the best competitive prices. However at DRIVING WITH PAUL I will deliver quality driving lessons, aiming to reduce the amount of overall lessons you require to PASS YOUR TEST.

Some of the things that I do which may differ to other quotes you may have received are:-

• Structured training plan for each pupil to ensure lessons are focussed on the driving
  syllabus and are not just random lessons (aimed to reduce the amount of hours tuition
  you need to pay for)

• Full progress report held by the pupil and the instructor to ensure tuition can be
  focussed on the areas necessary (aimed to reduce the amount of hours tuition you
  need to pay for)

• Instructor will provide you with support and encouragement for self learning at home or
  with parents in between lessons.

• You will receive your full time allocation (if you pay for 2 hours you will receive at
  least your full 2 hours tuition)

• Tuition will be on a 1 to 1 basis there will never be another learner in the car
  whilst you are learning.

• Above all I will not just teach you how to pass your test I will show you how to drive
safely for life.

About Me

My name is Paul and I am a father of 3 boys.

Previously I was a Manager in a retail head office, and after becoming tired of office life and commuting, I decided to change careers and become a driving instructor.

I am a patient and professional driving instructor and coach, developing the skills you need to drive beyond your driving test.

Whatever your requirements from driving training, I have the skills and techniques to help you get the result youre after. Not only will I teach you how to drive well, but I will give you the ability to be a confident driver on today's roads.

I believe strongly in maintaining and updating my skills by regularly attending further training in driving skills, instructional techniques, and coaching.

Beginner Lessons

Whether you are excited and looking forward to taking driving lessons or nervous and apprehensive, don’t worry, I aim to put you at ease from the moment I meet you until the moment you pass your test.

I can guide you through the whole process of helping you to prepare for and pass both your theory and practical driving tests.

The driving tests that you will need to pass to obtain a full UK driving licence are:-

• Beginner Lessons
• Theory test (multiple choice questions)
• Hazard Perception test
• Practical driving test, including some show me tell me questions
  regarding the car and maintenance.

I can provide full 1 to 1 training and support to assist you in passing all tests required to obtain your driving licence.

Theory Test Assistance

I offer all the help and support you will need to pass your Theory and Hazard Perception tests. This can either be done in conjunction with your practical driving lessons with me or if you do not wish to have practical driving lessons with me I can provide separate lessons.
This includes 1 to 1 tuition, and CD ROM software for computer with sample tests for both Theory questions and Hazard Percepeption.

Pass Plus Pass Plus

Have you recently passed your driving test and would like some additional tuition to help you to deal with specific situations, well Pass Plus is for you

There is no examination for this course it lasts 6 hours.

Pass Plus helps new drivers gain valuable experience to help develop existing skills, learn new skills and techniques, improve anticipation and awareness, learn how to reduce the risk of accidents and maintain a courteous and considerate attitude on the road.

Pass Plus course overview

Pass Plus pupils display green 'P plates' on their vehicle, and have a series of six modules of at least one hour each. These cover:

• introduction and town driving
• all-weather driving
• out of town driving and rural roads
• night driving
• dual carriageways
• motorway driving

While you will have covered some of these topics during your driving lessons the Pass Plus course emphasises a positive approach to driving. The focus is on attitude and skills and gives a different perspective on these topics and will enhance your abilities.

Pass Plus results

As an indication of the effectiveness of the course, recent survey carried out for the Driving Standards Agency showed that 93% of people who had taken Pass Plus felt more confident on the road, and 80% considered that their driving skills had improved as a result of taking the course.

Discounts on car insurance

With Pass Plus, you could reduce your car insurance premiums or get an extra no claims bonus with some insurance companies. A full listing of participating insurance companies is available once you have completed the course.

Refresher Lessons

Have you already passed your test, only last week and would like some additional tuition on a particular aspect of driving eg motorways.

Or it could have been several years since you passed your driving test and have lost your confidence. If so then our refresher lessons are the very thing for you.

I won’t treat you as a novice, I will coach and assist you to get you on the road with confidence. The amount of lessons for this will vary depending upon the individual and the areas we are going to cover.

Intensive Driving Courses

I do offer a course of Intensive Driving. This is carried out subject to instructor availability and is usually carried out over a 2 week period where I will provide you with driving lessons every day for 2 weeks. At the end of this you should be a lot closer to being able to pass your driving test.

I do have to point out though that statistically the percentage of people in the UK that pass their driving tests first time is a lot lower for those who have taken intensive driving courses. However I do offer this service for those people who require them.

For more details regarding this please complete the enquiry form on the contact page.