Special Offers

Our current special offers are available to all pupils starting lessons with us.
The LATEST OFFERS we have are.

1.   1Hr Driving Lesson £30

2.   2Hr Driving Lesson £58

3.   10Hr Driving Lesson £280

4.   20Hr Driving Lesson £560

5.   40Hr Driving Lesson £1100

6.   45Hr Driving Lesson £1200

7.   Block book 5 hours for £28/hr (beginners only)

8.   Use of car for test £70 (includes 1hr 15min lesson beforehand) 

9.   Motorway 2hr lesson £60

10.   Refresher lessons for those who already have a full licence £30/hr

11.   Pass Plus complete course £190


Driving Test Success CDROM - includes all you need to pass the two mandatory tests; the multiple choice theory test and hazard perception. £10.

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

DVSA (the people who set the driving test) and Driving with Paul recommend, if possible, you obtain private practice with a friend or family member alongside professional driving lessons. You will need to obtain Learner driver insurance to undertake private practice. There are lots of companies that offer learner driver insurance. Collingwood, who are offering our leaner drivers a discount, only need you to take out a 28 days policy and then renew 7 days at a time thereafter. To receive the discount you will need to enter the discount code 407180 when taking out the policy.



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